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youth +teen dance

How It Works: We offer 14+ classes and programs at our RNS Space! We are also honored to work alongside many schools, organizations, not for profits, and businesses to support health and wellness for kids and youth in the community.

Please contact us with your group needs and we can help provide classes that empower self worth through movement!


Check out below our current offerings for kids, youth, and teens!

Kids AGED 6-9

We love to offer dance in partnership with local businesses and initiatives. Click below to view our upcoming classes in the community!


TEENs aged 14-18

To make a great dancer you must first start at the soul.

Our classes are passion fueled, knowledge filled, and always pump great tunes. Our classes are aimed at providing extra opportunities, building technique, providing performance opportunities. We encourage dancers to continue training at their home studios whilst engaging in our drop ins, workshops, and events.