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*We ask that you print and sign your waiver before coming to class or e-sign and email to to limit touch points such as clipboards and pens

*All bookings of classes are made online prior to coming to class 

*Our facility partners have taken the highest approach to cleaning and have employed many strategies to ensure the safety of all who enter the space (please see facility websites for further info)

*Regular staff meetings occur to go over all safety policies as well as RNS pillars of safety

*Hate speech of any kind will result in student or teacher being asked to leave permanently 

*We do not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or hate displays of any kind. Such matters result in loss of contract for staff and students will be asked to not return to RNS.

*Conversations between staff and RNS owners are frequent and all matters that result in the creation of an unsafe environment for others are brought forward and dealt with immediately.



Single drop in: We are not able to provide refunds for this type of service. You may remove yourself from the class up to 6 hours in advance to use your single drop in pass for another offer. 
Session/performance classes (those classes that continue weekly under one purchase),this purchase is only valid for this specific class. There are no refunds. If for some reason this class is cancelled due to instructor illness/absence you may use this purchase for another class that is offered. 
Punch cards: valid for 12 months unless a government s
hutdown occurs (such as communicable disease) in which case the date of the punch card is put on hold until the business resumes. Punch cards are non-refundable. 
Events and Performance Classes:  A 50% refund (minus service charge) will be refunded if notice of
cancellation is given 15-30 days prior to service. No refund will be given if cancellation is given 14 days or less before service. 

Subscriptions: no refunds on subscription series (online or in person) are provided.
***If a government shutdown occurs RNS will postpone classes up to three weeks at business' discretion and will reschedule or credit client account if possible but will not guarantee a cash refund. 

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