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Colorful Bubbles

Welcome to SEASON 9!

We are heading into our 9th season and we have so much in store for this coming year we can't wait to share it with you,

but until then let's celebrate!


We're kicking off Season 9 with a free week of classes with Cael and Des!

These classes will be just like the drop in style classes you know and love (psst did you know that's how we started- the first drop in only classes in Vic at the time!). Start with a warm up, a little technique, and head straight into a combo! Finish off the class with a gentle cool down.

But there's more! We are going to be filming all of our classes that week! You may see this footage in print, online, or on socials for future RNS marketing! You'll have the option to finish off class and head out, or if you would like to stay we invite to be part of our RNS footage for 15 minutes after class where we will run the choreo for the camera!

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