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Performance classes

Feb- June performance class registration NOW OPEN! Show: June 17th 2023.

How it works:
Weekly classes that work on technique and 2 pieces to share with the community on stage at the RNS Kick off to Summer show this June!
*Registration closes January 31st.

Who it's for:
The performer, the curious dancer, the show-stopping human that you are!
Classes range from level 1/2 to advanced, and are built for the performer in you! Join a community of people who want you to succeed and have an amazing time on stage!

Why we do it:
We know the feeling of dancing on stage- the adrenaline, the thrill, the joy! This class builds 2 pieces for you to show up on stage, so you get more time on stage showing off your skills to your friends, family, and community!


Tues, Wed, Thurs classes: $437 when paid in full or $87.40 per month (payment plans available). 19 weeks.

Monday advanced class: $368  when paid in full or $73.60 per month (payment plans available). 16 weeks.


Taxes included, no registration fee, no admin fee, no costume fee, no performance fee. What you see is what you get :)  


Pricing plans available, please read below:

* Please ensure you are selecting the correct pricing option based on CLASS NAME AND LEVEL. We will register you in the class named on this plan. Select the start date of your plan to begin before February 6th or your spot is not reserved properly in the software. Reach out if you have any questions.
**This is a monthly plan, you will be charged Feb March April May June 2023 OR 5 dates monthly based on your first payment date you have selected.
***Please refer to our cancellation policy when booking this service.

Level 1: Beginner. At least 1 year of dance experience or have taken an RNS Foundation class. A basic knowledge of movement, basic understanding of rhythm.

Level 1/2: An advanced beginner class. An understanding of how to pick up choreography quickly, basic body awareness and dance foundation. 

Level 2: Intermediate. At least 3 years of dance experience. Able to pick up choreography, understanding of rhythm and dance patterns, cross floor experience, and sequencing. 

Level 2/3: Intermediate/Advanced. At least 5 years of dance experience. Ability to pick up choreography, understanding of complex rhythms, understanding of cross floor exercises, technical skills in at least one style, general knowledge of dance language.

Level 3: Professional. This level is designed for professional dancers, working dancers, and dance teachers.

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