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How it works:
Drop in classes are a great way to try out a class, a style, a new level, and to just pop in have a great workout and some fun and then head home with no commitment! Classes range from level 1/2, level 2, and level 2/3! Pre-register online for your spot and come dance once or all the time!
*Register before 3pm on the day of to ensure class runs.

Who it's for:
The student, the parent, the contract worker, the multiple job worker, the entrepreneur, the dance teacher, the shift worker, the taking care of your elders, the coming back to dance, the life long dancer, the new dancer, the busy human. 
Drop in, dance, go home. That's it. You don't have to remember the combo, you just have to come and fill up your cup and that's it!

Why we do it:
We are proud to be Victoria's only multi-genre drop in dance space. We created drop in dance because WE ARE YOU. We are the parent, the worker of many jobs, the entrepreneur, the dance teacher, the human. We know that life can get busy, so we want to offer classes that are here for you when you need some movement and self care in your life!

Drop in for $21 or grab a punch card (10 or 20) to save some mula! Psstt... we also have an unlimited pass so you can dance all summer long with us!

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