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Community CLASS

Join us for by donation classes! These classes allow us to offer classes to the community while supporting a local artist/teacher and donating the proceeds to a cause/charity.

If you are not able to donate we invite you to join but use time as your currency- researching the cause, signing petitions, spreading the word. If you are able to donate 100% of your donations go to the charity.

The charity/cause, date of class, time, and details are announced on our social media. We look forward to moving with you!


When we opened RNS in 2016 we knew we wanted to have community at the forefront of everything we do. In 2020 when we got our own space we knew this was our opportunity to engage further with various artists in the city.


We created THE ARTIST PROGRAM in 2021 as a way to collaborate with local artists. If you know an dancer/artist/group who is need of support either choreographically, with donated studio space, or anything else to help them thrive as an artist in our city, let us know!

The more art and dance in the world the better right?

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We want to help bring dance to every one- one shoe at a time. We have gently used dance shoes donated from local dancers and they are ready for a studio, dancer, program, or school in need!

Who Qualifies: Dancers, programs, schools, studios, or organizations who work with students who have limited access to dance shoes due to various barriers (financial, geographical, discrimination etc.)

What We Need To Know: A little about the recipient, what style of shoe is needed (tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop etc), how many shoes are needed (approximate), and what sizes (kids, teens, adults, or specific). 

How Do You Get Started: Email us! Let's connect and we can find a way to help.

How It Works: Email us with a request for shoes, we confirm details, we provide an approximate shipping cost, the recipient or someone on behalf of the recipient fundraises for the shipping costs (we share the link for the fundraiser, gofundme, etc), shipment payment is reviewed, and the shoes arrive!

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