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How It Works: We offer drop in dance, performance classes, and progressive classes.


A focus on technique, fundamentals, and foundational exercises to help strengthen and lengthen dancer specific muscles!

Level 1: Beginner. At least 1 year of dance experience or have taken an RNS Foundation class. A basic knowledge of movement, basic understanding of rhythm. ​ Level 1/2: An advanced beginner class. An understanding of how to pick up choreography quickly, basic body awareness and dance foundation. 1-3 consecutive years of dancing is recommended. ​ Level 2: Intermediate. At least 4 consecutive years of dance experience within the last 7 years. Able to pick up choreography, understanding of rhythm and dance patterns, cross floor experience, and sequencing.  ​ Level 2/3: Intermediate/Advanced. At least 7 consecutive years of dance experience within the last 15 years. Ability to pick up choreography, understanding of complex rhythms, understanding of cross floor exercises, technical skills in at least one style, general knowledge of dance language. ​ Level 3: Advanced. This level is designed for professional dancers, working dancers, and dance teachers. Level 4: Professional

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