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Weekly class working towards an epic night of joy, community, and
dance performances!

 Our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of the performer, whether it's your first time performing or you call the stage your home. We design our programs to cultivate self-worth on the dance floor, and epic joy on stage!

Session schedule (21).png

RNS performance teams run from Oct 1- May 31. This is a weekly class. No classes Dec 20-Jan 5.

Show date May 24 or 31 TBA.

What makes RNS performance teams unique?

Glad you asked. 


1. weekly class with 2 RNS faculty who will each set a piece on your team for the show!

2. two opportunities to perform on stage! We know the nerves can get the best of us, that's why every class performs 2 numbers on stage, we want to ensure you get that full embodied experience when you hit those stage lights and can be present in the moment to celebrate all you have worked for!


3. professional photoshoot. A celebration of all you are! Each class participates in a team photo shoot, which comes with a digital copy that you can keep looking back on for years to come.


4. support. Not just support throughout the class, but from all faculty and directors. Direct newsletters from Cael and Des (artistic directors) with all the information you could ever need to help you succeed and feel great both in class and on stage!


5. community gatherings. It isn't just about the show, it's about the journey to get there. Join us for a free performer gathering where we get to chat, play games, and join in community to celebrate all that you are during the performance year!


6. digital support. Online you'll be in touch with your teacher and the directors through a shared digital folder where you can find rehearsal videos, costume boards, class photos, and important dates.


7. time on stage. Not only do you get a tech rehearsal prior to the show, but you also get a full dress rehearsal so that you have time to try it out before the big show!

8. transparency. What you see is what you get. No hidden fees, no surprise bills, no costume fee (you choose your own costume!), no performance fee. Tax is included as well as the payment processing fee.

9. we call it a team...not a class. When you join us on the dance floor, you're part of our family. We are all part of a team working together towards a common goal- EIPC JOY ON STAGE AND SELF WORTH ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

10. we LOVE what we do. We hire faculty who go through a variety of hiring stages to ensure we hire teachers who not only are extremely talented and proficient in their skill, but they know the history/lineage of what they teach, they have worked or currently work as professional dancers/teachers, and their number one driving force is JOY! 


We want to make payments as easy as possible. You can choose to pay in full, pay in installments (3 total), or pay monthly (8 total). For payment plans you will see $0.50 added to the price as this fee covers our credit card billing fees associated with payment installments. To keep things easy we have laid out below the break down of the prices but once you head to the pricing page you will see it all included in one price so there is no guessing. Taxes + fees will be included in the price you see at check out. For payment plans please choose a start date. Your first payment will likely occur at time of purchase or close to, this is to hold your spot in class and is non-refundable as classes fill. We are also human beings, so we get that things happen, sometimes you may need to reach out if a payment bounces etc, don't worry, we can work with you to make sure you feel supported just email us and we can help sort out any issues or questions. 



Pay in full: 848.57 + 42.43 gst = $891 EARLY BIRD $810

Pay in 3 installments 11 week apart: 282.86 + 14.14 gst + .50 fee = $297.50  EARLY BIRD $270.50

Pay in 8 payments monthly: =105.95 + 5.30 gst + .50 fee = $111.75 EARLY BIRD $101.75


Pay in full: 1571.43 + 78.57 gst = $1650 EARLY BIRD $1500

Pay in 3 installments 11 week apart: 589.29 + 29.46 gst + .50 fee = $619.25  EARLY BIRD $563.00

Pay in 8 payments monthly: =196.43 + 9.82 gst + .50 fee = $206.75 EARLY BIRD $188.00


Pay in full: 2262.86 + 113.14 gst = $2376  EARLY BIRD $2160

Pay in 3 installments 11 week apart: 754.29 + 37.71 gst + .50 fee = $792.50  EARLY BIRD $720.45

Pay in 8 payments monthly: = 282.63 + 14.13 gst + .50 fee = $297.25 EARLY BIRD $270.22

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