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This program is an opportunity to build on technical training, enhance performance quality, and develop your own choreographed piece to put on stage!

Evolve 2.0 is open to any level 2 or higher dancer who has taken Evolve before and/or is currently enrolled in a performance class.

Classes meet 5 times along with a dress rehearsal and show, as well as online support and guidance. This program is designed for dancers who are interested in taking their dance skills and enhancing their creative side to put a piece on stage. We are so excited to see what you create! THIS PROGRAM IS MAINLY DONE ON YOUR OWN TIME and is open to anyone who has previously completed Evolve or is currently enrolled in a performance crew for the June 2023 show. This is an autonomous program where we meet throughout the process to guide and support you however most Choreography will be done at your own pace and in your own time. A schedule of expectations and helpful hints will be given. You must be at least a level 2 dancer to enter this program. Cael and Des have put hundreds of pieces and award winning dances on stage over the past 15+ years and sharing knowledge and creativity is a passion for both.


This program runs Feb 27- June 17 with 7 dates which occur on Monday nights from 8-9pm. There are 17 weeks to work on your choreography before it hits the stage. You must be 18+. Cost: $182 for a soloist, price includes tax.

Feb 27 

March 20 

April 24 

May 29 

June 9 

June 12

June 17 


Applications close FEB 20TH and you will hear back by Feb 22.

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