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This program is an opportunity to build on technical training, enhance performance quality, and develop your own choreographed piece to put on stage!

EVOLVE: for those that have never been in the Evolve program before. 

This program will work for 11 classes including workshops to get you ready for the stage. Coached by Caleigh Hunter and Desiree Webb. You will meet at least 2 time per month to work through obstacles, find creative ways of thinking, and develop your own piece for the June 1st show!

EVOLVE 2.0: for those that have already completed "Evolve".

This program works through 7 classes to develop your own choreographed piece. You will be in the studio with Caleigh and Desiree at least once per month.

This program runs January 8- June 1. You must be available FRIDAY MAY 10 and SATURDAY JUNE 1.

*Monday night 835-935pm, the schedule will be sent to you during registration confirmation.

**Must already be enrolled in a performance class for the June 1 2024 show.

***Must be a level 2 dancers in your style of dance.

Cost: EVOLVE: $286 for a soloist, price includes tax.

Cost: EVOLVE 2.0:  $182 for a soloist, price includes tax.

Please click below to fill out the form. This program requires application so that we can ensure we are the best coaches for your vision.

You will hear back from RNS by January 4th.
Payment for this program is only available via etransfer.

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