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What is the sweat series?

A workout plan inspired by music, driven by science, and created for you! Whether you're a full time worker, entrepreneur, student, or stay at home mom/dad- these workouts will have you sweating, moving, and working out efficiently and effectively while ENJOYING your workout!

Workouts from 5-60 minutes, weekly inspiration, weekly calendar, and access to the full video library and guests! New workouts are added monthly to keep you inspired.

Sweat: Accelerate your heart rate while fueling your soul
Strength: Finding your inner strength by working your outer strength
Stretch: Expanding your body and mind

Why home workouts?

We have worked, taught, and been members at dozens of gyms and here is what we notice: it's hard to fit in a workout between juggling a career, being a mom/dad, supporting family and friends, having down time, and watching your fav show on netflix. On demand workouts allow you to get it done in the time you have! A balanced approach to cardio, strength, and stretch allows your body to function optimally and leave you feeling ready to conquer the world!

How much does it cost?

$20/month (CND). That's it. No fine print.

Which workout is best for me?

We offer a range of options to suit your fitness level! Start with our "foundations" classes to gain the necessary tools to help you excel in all workouts!

*Please check with your Doctor before participating in any new fitness routine/movement/exercise. Our instruction is only a suggestion and because we can not see you, neither RNS Dance Inc, Caleigh Hunter, or Desiree Webb can not be held accountable for the execution of movement.

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