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Jazz takes rhythmical elements and pairs it with groove and technique. From high kicks, to flashy turns, to jazz hands, to low grooves, you can explore the many different sides of jazz dance with us!

Join us for weekly jazz classes. Registering in this class will help to build your technical abilities as well as enhance your artistry through fun and exploratory combos!

A very brief history:
Jazz dance paralleled the birth and spread of jazz music which roots in Black American society. It developed from the traditional Black social dances, their white ballroom offshoots, and 19th-20th century stage dance. Jazz dance began to gain popularity from its presence in the swing era, it's use in popular vaudeville acts, appearing in Broadway, and in musical comedy. By the 1940's jazz dance was incorporated into modern dance and film Choreography. Jazz further grew to include various movements that we see today through the use of jazz in various musical productions, the pop music video evolution, and the use of jazz in the blending of other genres styles such as theatre jazz, jazz funk, and contemporary jazz. 

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