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Heels at RNS is a chance to explore getting sassy in your high heels in a supportive and empowering environment. Feel free to wear running shoes or heels. Work on your technical ability, muscular strength specific for heels dancing, and fun combos!

A very brief history :

Heels have been in used as dance as long as they have been used in fashion. Classical court danced used low heels, folk dances and jigs used sturdy heels, the Scottish fling used structured heels. These dances all used the heel as a way to include a rhythmical structure in the art. The structure of the shoe changed with ballroom dance for dances such as the tango, the waltz, or character. Heels were used as a way to esthetically lengthen the leg of female dancers both on stage and on screen. The development of Sass began to include empowering movements that were not seen in the classical heels dance sequences but were more customary in jazz or hip hop. The commercialization of heels dance led to a slimmer heel as popularity grew through music videos, broadway, and drag. This has led to a new interest in this style of movement. 

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