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Tap 2
With Caleigh Hunter & Devon Lewis


About your performance class.


Tap is a discipline that incorporates so many different styles, nuances, and rhythms, and this class will leave you with rhythm in your heart and soul in your feet! This class breaks down the technical elements of dance, focusing on flexibility, strengthening the body, and technique. Under the guidance of 2 RNS Faculty, all performance teams will learn 2 choreographed pieces, allowing you to perform twice on stage while building your team and exploring different ways to approach the same style!

Level 2: Intermediate. At least 4 consecutive years of dance experience within the last 7 years. Able to pick up choreography, understanding of rhythm and dance patterns, cross floor experience, and sequencing. 

*RNS performance teams run from Oct 1- May 31. This is a weekly class. No classes Dec 20-Jan 5. Show date TBA (May 24 or 31). Includes weekly classes (2 RNS teachers), photoshoot, video of your dance on show day, monthly newsletter to keep you updated, performer gathering part way through the year, and access to a google drive with everything you need to know! No performance fee, what you see is what you get ;)

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