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*All classes have been modified to be low intensity with full covid protocols in place. Each class will have a focus on technique, exercises, history, and fundamentals. Classes that include a combo are listed in the name.

Stretch + Strength (Open Level)

A full body strength and stretch class focused on dancer anatomy!


Jazz Tech + Combo (Level 2)

Join Josh for jazz technique, history, exercises, and a short combo!


Sass/heels Combo Class (Open Level)

Hair tossin’, booty poppin’, and high vibes! Join us for a heels or runners sass class!


Theatre Jazz Combo (Level 2/3)

Jazz hands, kicks, and high vibe music! New combo each week!


Hip Hop Tech + Combo (Open Level)

Focusing on the fundamentals of hip hop and a new combo each week!


Ballet Tech (Open Level)

Work on the fundamentals of ballet while incorporating choreo.


Contemporary Tech + Combo (Level 2)

Explore the variety that contemporary dance has to offer with Sadie!


Mixer (Level 1)

Technique, strength, stretch, and a short combo for the beginner level! New style each week!


Mixer (Level 2/3)

Technique, strength, stretch, and a short combo for the intermediate/advanced level! New style each week!

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